Viv, The Founder

It all began when Viveca lived in Australia. As a mother of 3 children, she found herself struggling to feed her kids their daily fruit and vegetables. With a background in the food and service industry, Viveca whipped up a tasty range of fresh juices and smoothies full of fruits and vegetables. Overwhelmed by how much her children enjoyed her creation, Viveca was inspired to share the innovation with the rest of the world.

One of Viveca's passions in life is children's health. Unfortunately, childhood obesity is a global issue. The UK government wants to cut the rate of obesity by 50% by year 2030. We want to help achieve this by developing, manufacturing, and offering babies and toddlers snacks with reduced sugar. This will help them get used to more savoury foods early on, which will make it easier for parents to feed their children less sugar.

"When I started looking around and found the amount of sugar in babyfood and snacks I was shocked. I decided to make a difference and created the Vivalicious baby food range. I sincerely hope that you and your baby will enjoy them as much as the Vivalicious team".

Love always xxx

Viv Trader

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Mind and Body
Mind and Body

We believe that in a world of take-out and fast food, one should invest more in healthy foods that are going to serve your mind and body right.

To The World
To The World

We are a global and innovating company willing to do our part in giving the world a healthy option of food to choose from even on the move.


Everybody should be able to eat healthy food everyday, every time, and for that reason we will always keep Vivalicious prices low.

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