It all began when Viveca lived in Australia. As a mum of 3 children she found herself struggling to feed her kids their daily fruit and vegetables as the kids were fussy eaters.

Viveca has a long background as an entrepreneur in the food and service industry. One day out of frustration in 2012 Viveca whipped up a tasty range of smoothies in her kitchen as her oldest son didn’t like the texture of fresh fruit. This was a hit and he loved it. Overwhelmed by how much her children loved the creation, Viveca was inspired to share the innovation with others. That is how we started our journey blending smoothie’s way before the smoothie revolution hit.

One of Viveca’s passions in life is health and research shows that there is a lack of omega-3 in children’s diet. Omega-3 is essential for brain development, eye sight and overall health. Therefore, Vivalicious wants to raise awareness about the importance of omega-3 in children’s diet. The result is that we are now leading the way in the world by adding a vegan omega-3 in our baby smoothies.

We are strong believers that in a world of take-out and fast food, one should invest more in healthy foods that are going to serve your mind and body right from an early age. Everybody should be able to eat healthy food, and for that reason children are our main priority. If we start feeding babies from 6 months high amounts of sugar the chances of them getting a sugar addiction later in life is much higher than if we reduce their choices with less sugar.

We all know how challenging it is to get children to eat healthy food when they have other options available. If we reduce the sugar in children’s diets, we are able to improve the overall public health. Children are the future and for that reason they are our priority.

Viv Trader